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30˚/35˚ Public Traffic Type Escalator

주요사항 (Main Specification)

Installation place Indoor/Semi-Outdoor/Out Door
Transit/Running Time 24 hours per day.
Vertical Height 1.5~12m (for 35˚only used for lower than 6m)
Inclination 30˚~ 35˚
Step Width 600/800/1000m
Horizontal Step 2/3 steps
Upside curvature radius of escalator steps 500/2700mm
Rated Speed 0.5m/sec.
Delivery Capacity 3600/4800/6000 people per hour
Power Supply 3 phase, 380/440 V/50 & 60 Hz
Lighting Power 1 phase, 220V, 50&60 Hz

외부 디자인(Exterior Design)

Handrail Design Vertical glass/Inclined Stainless Steel Banister
Handrail Bracket Aluminum Alloy / Stainless Steel Hairline Finish
Handrail Black Rubber Ring-Belt inserting with steel wire rope
(other colors except black are optional)
Exterior / Interior Panel or Deck Stainless Steel Hairline Finish
Skirt Board Stainless Steel board coated with Teflon.
Step Cast Aluminum / Stainless Steel.
Security sign of step Yellow plastic safely boarder.
Landing Board Rammed antislip stainless steel sheathing.
Operation Panel Red emergency stop button and key switch for up and down.
Lighting under step Green fluorescent lamp